What Are the Signs of an Incomplete Abortion?

Are you considering the abortion pill (also known as a “medical abortion”)? Did you know that an incomplete abortion is one of the major risks of taking the abortion drugs?  An incomplete abortion happens when parts of the terminated pregnancy remain in your uterus; this is a dangerous situation because it can lead to a

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What Are the Mental Health Effects of Abortion?

Abortion is a procedure that terminates your pregnancy, and it comes with physical risks, like potentially life-threatening infections and prolonged bleeding. But did you know it comes with mental health risks as well? According to a study that looked into the link between abortion and mental health complications, it’s clear that “at least some women

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What Are the Different Types of Abortion?

Abortion comes in two forms: medical (also known as the “abortion pill”) or surgical. Your pregnancy’s gestational age is one of the main factors that determine which type of abortion you’re eligible for.  Read on to learn more about the essentials you need to know when it comes to medical and surgical abortions. Or, if

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