Wondering if parenting is for you? You’re not alone. It can feel like you’ll never be ready to be a parent. But the truth is, there will never be an ideal time because life is messy and constantly changing. That’s why we’re here to help.

Getting the proper support to help you prepare to parent can be helpful. After all, it takes a village!

We provide you with resources that can assist you to thrive in this new role and help you feel prepared and excited.

How Do I Know I Have What It Takes?

Just the fact that you are questioning this means you’re taking this seriously and putting a lot of thought and care into your decision. That’s always a great first sign that you’ll be just fine!

However, parenting is an art of “learning as you go.” No one is a perfect parent, but as long as you try your best and want to see your child succeed, you have what it takes!

What Will It Be Like?

Every story is different and unique in its own way. Your child and journey will be unique and unlike anyone else’s. That helps make this adventure exciting!

As with anything rewarding, there will be challenges, and there will be great rewards. But we’ll help you get the resources you need to make it through successfully.

Many veteran parents like to talk to you about sleepless nights and endless diapers. But the truth is, those things do end and are short-lived. The parts that live on forever are the memories made by experiencing the world for the first time through your child’s eyes and feeling both pride and joy as you watch them grow.

Nothing will compare to your journey, and you will find excitement and fulfillment through every stage.

Parenting With Life Goals

Want to finish a degree, get that promotion, explore a new job, or start a new side hustle? Are you worried you can’t both parent and accomplish a life goal? Many parents question how they will make it happen.

Thankfully in today’s world, parents support parents. Finding a community and the resources you need to help you through is how we all make it.

Here at 1st Way, we will help you find community and resources so you can both parent and achieve your life goals.